TestMart maintains high standards for packaging your delicate equipment.


  • Packaging of equipment will be in compliance with applicable specifications, manufacturer's recommendations whenever possible or to the specific requirements of the customer.
  • Packing methods must ensure items are sufficiently protected to prevent damage.
  • When required by contract, special packing material will be provided.


  • TestMart has limited number of acceptable packaging methods which when properly used ensure the safe transportation of their products.
  • The specific type of packaging is dependent on the size and weight of the unit being shipped.
  • The following are the three most common methods of packaging materials used by Testmart.
    1. Bubble Wrap
    2. "Loose fill" particles
    3. Instapak


  • The recommended bursting strength for corrugated containers for the equipment shipped by TestMart is 275 pounds.
  • The boxes purchased by TestMart are all double wall corrugated and meet this requirement.
  • Three-inch reinforced gummed carton industrial sealing tape is used to seal cartons for shipping.


  • Reusing boxes is acceptable when returning equipment to a vendor (RTV) or sending equipment to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for calibration or repair.
  • All previous markings or labeling shall be removed or covered prior to shipment.
  • Used boxes may only be reused if there is no possibility of jeopardizing the condition or status of the equipment.


  • Containers weighing from 75 to 150 pounds in most instances, should be palletized for ease of handling and to preserve the safely of the equipment.
  • Items weighing in excess of 150 pounds must be fitted with pallets.
  • When multiple boxes are transported on a single pallet: banding straps, stretch wrap or a combination shall be used to secure those boxes on the pallet.